Are psychics real yahoo?

Mind reading and the ability to predict the future are not skills that people usually associate with the human race. However, research shows that many people really believe in the existence of psychic powers. Are psychics real yahoo?

One would think that cases of proven psychic fraud over the years would weaken the credibility of mental claims. There were historical cases, such as Lajos Pap, a Hungarian spiritual medium, which at the screenings turned out to be false animal appearances. And then, the recently described James James Hydrick medium was revealed to be a cheater. Hydrick confessed that his paranormal demonstrations were tricks learned in prison.

Another noteworthy example was televangelista Peter Popoff. His wife used a wireless transmitter to broadcast information about participants in a sermon to Popoff using a headset. Popoff claimed that he received this information in a paranormal way and gained fame by running a nationwide television program during which he performed seemingly miraculous remedies for the public.

Unclear and general

Mental claims are often general and unclear – such as predicting a plane crash or celebrity death – and that’s why so many people believe in the possibility of psychic abilities.

This is called the Barnum effect, a common psychological phenomenon that results in people accept vague general personality descriptions as uniquely referring to themselves.

Are psychics real yahoo?

A few questions for the fairy

Why are you medium and medium?

I enjoy helping people. I know that sounds a bit general, but that’s why I do this job. I felt connected to the ghost world since I was a young boy, and when I got older, he became stronger.

What are the typical misunderstandings about the medium and the media?

That we know and see everything, and that’s not true. That we know exactly what will happen, as if there was no free will. And sometimes our time will end. For example, I will make a forecast and it will happen, but it will happen six months after reading. In addition, we provide lottery numbers.

What is the difference between the questions asked by women and men?

I think that men are sometimes more skeptical about mental things. Women know about their past, present and future, and men want to communicate with dead loved ones. Women more often consult with me about their love life and it is not necessarily about a specific romantic partner, but about how open they can be to meeting a partner. In this case, I will let them know not only my predictions, but also ways to get there. Things that they can do differently in their lives. Sometimes it will say: “If you want to meet the person I see in your future, you must do X, Y and Z.”


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